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Lobee Learning

Grades K-8

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Lobee Learning offers hands-on STEM kits that include a digital learning experience with hours of learning content per project. Designed by educators using evidence-based practices, Lobee Learning combines science, math, reading, and writing into a curriculum that focuses on positive and engaging education.

Product Details

In this Lobee Learning bundle, join Max and Samara on a series of adventures to help aliens throughout the galaxy discover the power of curiosity.

What's included:

  • 5 Individual Sessions
  • Digital Experience with 35 Video Lessons
  • 10+ hours of guided learning time
  • 5 Engineering Challenges
  • 6 Hands-on Warm-up Projects
  • 7+ Hours of Extension learning time

Each Session Features:

  • Engaging animated videos and Interactive digital activities
  • All materials for challenge projects
  • Step-by-step guidance for engineering projects
  • Critical thinking writing and Extension activites
  • Hands-on warm-up and Positive affirmations

Projects Included:

  • Super Strong Shapes
  • Load-Bearing Breathtaking Bridge
  • Elastic Flare Cup
  • Really Rapid Rubberband Racecar
  • Inflated Googly-Eyed Blimpie
  • Nifty Pneumatic Lift
  • Not-a-Drag Circle Glider
  • Serious Stomp Rocket

Please see complete list of itemized materials you will receive with this product here.


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