Mote Marine Aquarium

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Facility:Mote Marine Aquarium
Description:From the original focus on sharks, Mote research has expanded to include seven major areas of concentration, organized into seven research centers. While each center focuses on its own specialty, Mote scientists are able to partner with others within the lab to integrate efforts across a number of fields. This approach has led to discoveries that establish Mote as a global leader in many areas of marine science.

Mote recognizes the importance of advancing the understanding of sea science to the general public. To that end, Mote conducts extensive public outreach and operates a public aquarium that serves nearly 400,000 visitors a year. Mote is one of the few organizations in the world that combines marine research with public outreach through a full-fledged aquarium.

Address 1:1600 Ken Thompson Parkway
Address 2:
Zip Code:34236-1096
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Hours:See the website for many program offerings including Family Days, Homeschool programs, Mommy and Me programs and many other events.
Telephone:(941) 388-4441
Website:Visit Website
Toni Wilson, Co-op Member
Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium has been a staple in our homeschooling endeavor since we began homeschooling almost 10 years ago. It started out as a tiny research and rescue facility and has grown to a very popular destination for tourists and educational groups alike. We enjoy playing the "Survival" game--which pits you against as many people as are in the theatre that day--in the smallest of forms residing in the ocean; allowing for you to "compete" against other smaller life forms for food and survival. We enjoy the Shark Theatre, where you can experience what it is like to be a hungry shark--complete with the ability to touch a shark's skin and in 3d. Mote also has one of the largest homeschooling science groups around. They allow for children to learn about rescue and rehabilitation; as well as the animals themselves. We play a game of hide and seek with each of the animals in their respective tanks. The docents are always very warm and welcoming and extremely homeschool friendly.

It is one of the few places I heartily recommend visiting as frequently as we do.
Stephanie, Co-op Member
We attended for a home school day and had a great time. The manatees, up close, are reason to go alone, but add that to the sharks, ray touch tank, indoor exhibits and class room experience and it made for an educational day we'll remember for a long time. The staff was all very friendly and passionate about their work. We'll go again.
Danielle, Co-op Member
Mote is a wonderful research and education facility that does many many great things for marine life and their environment.

Of course the dolphins are my favorite. Moonshine even paints, you can buy her paintings to help support all that Mote does.

We take advantage of the free admission during specific months with our MOSI membership but happily support Mote in other ways because we are grateful for what they do.

The cafe has good food unlike some of the other places we frequent but we often pack a lunch and toss the fishing poles in the car and head across the street where you will find a few small piers and picnic tables.

Mote Marine also offers homeschool classes.
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