Southeast Homeschool Expo 2022

Southeast Homeschool Expo 2022
Event Title:Southeast Homeschool Expo 2022
Start Date:07-28-2022
End Date:07-30-2022
About the Event:COME AND ENJOY a two-day Expo devoted entirely to the display, sale and discussion of educational materials with entire exhibit hall displays of materials by the best Christian, secular and specialty publishers.
Sponsor:Southeast Homeschool Expo
About the Sponsor:A few people have asked about the Homeschool Expo. We are a Christian Family who has successfully homeschooled all of our seven children and have helped others through creating homeschooling events for over 25 years. Our goal with the Expo events is to focus on education. So often, we as homeschoolers are excited about raising and educating our children but don t always know how to go about it well.
Location:Cobb Galleria Centre
Address:2 Galleria Parkway
Zip/Postal Code:30339
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